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Newest Type of Door

Composite doors are the newest type of door used in homes. Composite doors have been designed taking into consideration the common flaws experienced in singular material doors.

Beneficial Properties

Using a combination of materials which have been selected for their beneficial properties, composite doors allow for the old flaws to be effectively ‘designed out’.

High Resistance

Composite back and front doors have a high resistance to weathering and will not react to seasonal changes like a singular material door.

Composite Doors

Are you looking for a new front door for your home? A composite Door from Altra Glass is the perfect choice.The woodgrain finish on a GRP composite door is developed from oak tree wood grain, creating a beautifully authentic appearance and superior performance.

Our range of colours, styles and glass options will make your door truly special and by ensuring that we perfectly match the colour, wood grain and moulding on the glazing cassettes, you can guarantee a flawless finish. All of our composite doors designs complement our door styles and colours and are triple glazed and laminated as standard for extra security and energy efficiency.

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