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Laminated glass is designed to hold together when smashed or even shattered. Two or more layers of glass with tough polyvinyl butyrain (pvb) layers between ensure that there is minimal break up under impact.

Increased Strength

Increased strength of toughened glass allows architects and builders much greater scope in their use of glass. It meets worldwide safety standards for glass subject to accidental human impact at the highest severity levels.

Architectural Glass

We can install Safety Glass according to the latest planning legislation. We can also supply the full range of toughened and laminated safety glass to the trade.


Tuff Cymru is available in the full Pilkington range of float glass. In a thickness ranging from 4mm to 16mm. Toughened Safety Glass is up to five times stronger than non-toughened and because of its increased strength architects and builders worldwide can take architectural design much further, allowing a lot more natural light into their design whilst maintaining safety.

Toughened Glass is used for splashbacks, balustrades, glass floor, shower screens and worktops.

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