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Don't just believe us

Here at Altra Glass we all know how important our homes are to each other. But when you decide to make your home more special by investing in new double glazing windows and doors. You want them to look special and last for many years. But overtime your windows and doors become damage.

The team at Altra Glass are specialist engineers who can repair anything from broken handles, hinges, locks and replacing misted up double glazing. Helping you save money and keeping your home warm and secure.

Has Your Double Glazing Misted Up?

We can replace the glass for you and best thing about it is you don’t need to replace the frames.We replace the Glass and keep the frames - saving you money and energy.

Repair Before
Repair After

Energy Efficiency Glass

We offer the latest energy efficiency glass from Pilkington to help increase the thermal performance of your windows and doors.

Heat always flows towards the cold. Therefore, window glass without a low-e coating will absorb the heat from your home and radiate it onto the colder outside surface, where it is lost. Low-e glass has a special coating which is a poor radiator of heat and does not allow heat to be transferred to the outside.

Instead, the low-e coating actually reflects the heat back into your room. A Pilkington energiKare™ unit reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows while also allowing more heat/energy from the sun through the glass.

Pilkington Glass